Urbanism, Residential



Size m2

Doha, Qatar






The new housing complex site is located on an island in the middle of the West Bay Lagoon of Doha for 3 siblings and their families. The overall scheme is about creating 3 new volumes combining contemporary design with traditional materials and details. The 3 houses are customised for each family but thinking as one whole idea for the group.

The site is divided in three main areas that establish a hierarchy of privacy. The first, the common or multipurpose area includes the entrance of the houses and a place for gathering and sport activities.

The second zone is the residential area, for only private use of the families. In the third, the gardens, the families share some facilities like an outdoor gym and spa.

The facades are made of concrete with different openings according to orientation and program. Wood panels are used in the service areas. All the interiors are connected to the garden through the daytime areas and the rooms are shaded and protected while having panorama to the Lagoon.

Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project Leader: Maria Rosaria Favoino
Project Team: Tereza Dedkova, Orsolya Maza, Kinga Krawczyk, Ala Tannir